For the month of July, students plant, care for, and harvest vegetables in our organic garden and greenhouse. Under the guidance of a cooking teacher, they use this produce and other whole foods to prepare their lunch each day. Students also engage in art, science, and wellness activities that focus on the local, natural environment. The students take many field trips in July, including seining in Accabonac Harbor, reseeding clam and scallop beds in Three Mile Harbor, and visiting a beekeeper on an organic farm.

What did you learn to do this summer?
— I learned that carrots grow underground!

in the garden

Students learn how to grow and maintain a vegetable garden using organic practices.  In addition to weeding, watering, and studying ladybugs, worms and aphids, students love to sketch and read in the garden!

In The Kitchen

Our “farm to table” approach allows students to harvest vegetables and herbs and use these ingredients in their lunches.  Smoothies, salads, vegetable quesadillas, and whole wheat pasta with homemade pesto are some of their favorite recipes! The palates of our students have expanded through this program. Our motto is “if they pick it they’ll eat it!”

In Our Community

Students learn about the natural and cultural treasures of our community.  Sites we visit include Louse Point, the Walking Dunes, Quail Hill Farm, the East Hampton Town Fish Hatchery, Guild Hall, the East Hampton Farm Museum, the East Hampton Farmer’s Market, and the Town Marine Museum.