Health & wellness

Organic gardening, healthy cooking, nutrition and the importance of physical activity are explored in this segment of our program.  Physical activities include yoga, soccer, swimming, dance, jump rope, walking, organized games and golf. Our year-round garden and greenhouse program teaches students how food is grown and the importance of organic gardening practices.

What did you do after school today?
— I learned how to cook Corn-Avocado Black Bean Salsa!

Gardening, Cooking, and Nutrition

Under the direction of our garden educator and nutritionist, students at Springs School plant, maintain, harvest and cook produce from our organic garden and greenhouse. At John Marshall Elementary School, students have two large raised vegetable beds and an indoor GrowLab in which to learn about growing, maintaining and harvesting plants.


Our Yoga classes stress body awareness, relaxation techniques, strengthening, stretching, mindfulness, creativity, visualization, and fun.

Double Dutch Jump Rope

Double Dutch jump rope helps students to develop coordination, work as a team, and incorporate exercise into their play lives.


Students receive instruction from certified swim instructors at the East Hampton YMCA.

Family Cooking Workshops

We believe that eating healthy is a family affair. In our family cooking workshops, children and their parents or other caregivers work together to prepare healthy, delicious recipes that they can reproduce at home.