Arts & Culture

Our Artist-in-Residency program allows local artists, dancers, and musicians to work with our students and share their love for their area of expertise in an authentic, hands-on fashion. This includes: visual art, storytelling, cultural excursions, theater, dance and movement, circus arts, songwriting, sound recording, music, and family art workshops.

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What did you do after school today?
— We learned about Cezanne and Matisse!

Visual Art

During the year, many artists visit our program to work with students on projects that encompass a variety of skills and media. In past years, students worked on an anti-bullying mural; a six-foot long mosaic for the garden; a sculptural installation made entirely of recycled materials and duct tape; glass and wire jewelry; ceramic bowls and sculpture; beaded jewelry, and much more.


Our K-2 students learn to make meaning of their lives and the world around them through the art of storytelling.


Students visit museums and other cultural organizations in New York City to study a world culture or period in history.


Students learn to express themselves and develop self-confidence through theater games and improvisation.

Dance & Movement

Classes focus on both improvisational and choreographed dance. Students gain confidence as they perform for their peers in a supportive environment. Dance encourages students to stay active and fit and to develop a love of music and movement. Dance enhances coordination and motor skills and fosters self-esteem and the ability to work collaboratively.

Circus Arts

Keith Leaf, nationally known Circus performer, teaches students how to juggle, spin plates, balance, and many other circus arts skills.


Internationally- known singer-songwriter, Inda Eaton, spends two weeks as an artist-in-residence with 4th and 5th graders at JMMES and Springs School. Students compose and record an original song that is performed for the Project Most community of students and families.

Sound Recording

Students use a variety of instruments and everyday objects to create their own 4 track recordings.

Family Art Workshops

Project MOST believes that engaging parents and other caregivers in the educational lives of their children is essential to student success. Our family art workshops are taught by professional artists who work with our families during 5 evening sessions.

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